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3 Smart Strategies To Better Unit Tests.

Unit testing is (or at least should be) an integral part of every software project.Why? Running your unit tests after changing your code gives you the security to know whether (and how much) you broke some unintended parts of your

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5 Greatest Hacks For Unit Testing.

Thinking about positive and negative execution cases for your system, and then specifying them to an extent that they can be implemented requries quite a lot of cognitive work.And after you’ve done that, the tedious tasks start.You have to set

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1 Simple Rule To Better Unit Tests

Unit testing often involves a lot of tedious, repetitive work that takes a lot of your time that could be spent on something more meaningful and fun (like adding actual functionality to your code). On the other side, the value

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3 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your Unit Testing Easier.

Unit Testing is hard.First, you have to think about what you want to test, how to test it, and then write code for it.While writing code for your test cases, you also have to stick to patterns and clean code

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4 things ISTQB doesn’t tell you

ISTQB (I don’t want to bother you with the full name – you know what I mean anyways) offers a wide range of standardized education in software quality, and software testing in particular, for everyone.In other words, you can learn

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Stop telling me that AI will take my job!

When thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), most people think of “automated control”. A “Big Brother” that takes over our jobs and our lifes, radically changing the way we are used to live (just think of scenarios pictured by movies such

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2 methods that help you save 60 % of your effort in Unit Testing

In this article, I show you two tremendous time savers that you can start using tomorrow to save 60 % of the effort you use for unit testing. Most of our time in unit testing is spent on what I call

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Forget Writing Unit Tests. Try This Instead.

Unit Testing is an essential activity in every software project.Why? Without Unit Tests, you never know when you break some parts of your software. Every change in the source code might potentially break your whole system – and chances are

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Try This For a Week And Speed Up Your Coding Productivity 10x

Your productivity pretty well defines your paycheck, and how much you can achieve during your professional career.For a developer, productivity basically comes down to implementing functionality (that actually works as expected).While just sitting down and starting to code in an

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3 easy fixes for perfect unit test code

Writing good unit tests is a challenging tasks. There are so many articles available, that try to explain you how to apply good practices and avoid bad ones, that you could spend at least one year of full-time work reading

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