4 Smart Strategies for Agile Unit Testing

Writing automated tests (and unit tests in particular) takes a lot of time of every software developer/test automation expert’s workday. Therefore, existing tools try to reduce the effort of writing and maintaining test cases, in order to ultimately boost your productivity. In this article, I describe three ways how you can use devmate to supercharge your unit tests instantly.

Stop writing the same code over and over again

The most boring thing about unit testing is that most of the code actually stays the same for every unit test that you write. However, you still have to write this same code over and over again. This is particularly true if you want to stick to certain patterns to make your test code understandeable, as described in this article: https://www.devmate.software/3-guaranteed-ways-to-make-your-unit-testing-easier/ .
With devmate, you can automatically generate such boilerplate code in your target unit testing framework.
Therefore, you simply have to define the essence of every unit test, and have devmate generate the corresponding code for you automatically.
But what is this essence of a unit test?
Basically, there are three things that vary between each unit test:

  1. The tested code unit: This is the part of your software that you want to call/execute (usually a method in a class or API).
  2. The input to the code unit: This is what you pass to your tested code unit as input.
  3. The expected output of a code unit: This is the result of your call to the tested code unit, which you want to verify using different assertions.
    Devmate offers a graphical interface to specify these three things, and auto-generate the corresponding code in your target unit testing framework.

Save time using the right methods

Even if devmate helps you minimizing the effort for writing a single test case (see above), one challenge of test case creation is still open. Which test cases should I write, in order to best validate that my software code meets the imposed requirements?
There are specific methods for this, that can help you save up to 60 % of your unit testing effort by providing a structured way to derive test cases from requirements, as described in this article: https://www.devmate.software/2-methods-that-help-you-save-60-of-your-effort-in-unit-testing/ .
The nice thing about this: Devmate provides built-in support for these methods in their graphical user interface!

Let the tool help you in finding the right tests

Another nice thing about devmate: you don’t even need these methods described above. Using recent AI technology, devmate automatically recommends test cases for your code units, based on their similarity to other code units that you or others have already written test cases for! So in the end, with devmate, defining and writing test cases can be as simple as just clicking a few buttons to (i) select test cases from your recommendations, and (ii) automatically generate the required test case code in your target unit testing framework.

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