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In the following we will examine the features of devmate in more detail.


In general devmate offers the following features:

  1. Supported programming language: C#
  2. Visual studio 2019 Version 16.3.0 and higher IDE integration
  3. First tool to support the Black Box testing technique ‘Equivalence Partitioning’
  4. Automatic generation of NUnit, XUnit and MSTest tests



Generation of boilerplate

Devmate allows you to quickly generate a unit test boilerplate for either NUnit, XUnit or MSTest.

Visual studio devmate context menu expanded

Generation of test models from code

Flawless integration of devmate in Visual Studio 2019. You can create a new test model with two clicks. Equivalence class editor can be opened within the context menu in the IDE.

Visual studio devmate context menu

Tabular display of test data like proposed in text books

Clear arrangement of test data in the devmate editor that follow text books recommendations.

devmate editor interface

Support of object oriented programming

Almost all major programming constructs that are used in object oriented programming are supported. This includes primitive data types like boolean, float int etc. as well as complex data types like array, class and map.

devmate type support with auto-complete

Support of exceptions

Methods can not only return values but also exceptions.

devmate support of exceptions auto-complete

Support of async

Async methods can be parsed as well.

devmate support of async methods

Check side effects

Devmate allows you to check for side effects that can occur when dealing with reference types.

side effect interface for reference types

Adding of custom factory methods for test data generation

Complex test data can be built using custom factory methods.

window for building complex types using factories

Local storage of test model data

Save the general test model including the test code directly in your project. Manage your test models like your code in your favorite VCS.

Test cases

Manual adding/deleting/editing of test cases

Add and delete single test cases manually at any position. Edit for each testcase their respective expected value.

Adding an individual description to each test case

Each test case allows to add and edit an individual description that helps to better identify a test case. This description is also added as a comment in the generated test code file.

adding descriptions to test cases

Automatic generation of test cases

Test cases can be generated automatically.

Test Code

Automatic generation of NUnit, XUnit and MSTest test code

NUnit, XUnit or MSTest unit tests can be generated automatically based on a given test model.

generated test code for nunit

Adapt generated test code files

Modify the generated test code to fit your needs and add factory methods that generate test data. Devmate will merge your changes with changes applied to the test model.

Equivalence Class Prediction (ECPs)

The AI based blackbox testing feature observes you and your testing behavior and learns form every testcase you create. Devmate than suggests you recommended equivalence classes and representatives matching to your testmodel.

devmate suggesting equivalence classes based on previous testing behaviour

User Interface

Test driven editor as tab in IDE

The Devmate Webclient is directly integrated within Visual Studio in the form of a tab that can be arbitrary placed and moved.

Simple tree overview and navigation for test data

Editing of test data to whichever depth is simple and clearly arranged.

devmate interface with tree navigation

Tooltip for representatives gives easy overview of test data

If the short description is not sufficient enough a tooltip delivers an in depth view without actually navigating into a pop-up window.

devmate representatives tooltips
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