Illustration Stages of test automation
Stages of Test Automation

In this article, we introduce three different stages of Test Automation, as originally proposed by Mike Cohn [1], and give characteristics of test cases in each stage. As naming and definition of the individual stages differ in the literature, we

Programmer standing in front of laptop and screen and thinking about logic
Models – theory vs. reality

In a previous article, I have discussed the power of models in software engineering. In theory, using models solves the most fundamental problem in software engineering: the communication between business (e.g. client, project manager, business developer) and engineering (e.g. developers,

Test Automation
Barriers and limits in test automation

The potential of Test Automation is huge. Dependencies to requirement specifications change requests and project deadlines significantly impact the success of Test Automation. Insufficient fulfilment of prerequisites often provides huge barriers to the automated execution of test cases in software

benefits of test automation
Benefits of Test Automation

What is Test Automation? Software often aims at providing automation to manual tasks. However, in classic approaches, testing developed software is still done manually. Therefore, the basic idea of test automation is to “write programs that test programs”. As a

mutation based testing
Define once, reuse always – the power of mutants in Software Testing

When defining test cases, a lot of manual effort is spent on repeatedly deriving tests based on predefined methods (e.g. Boundary Value Analysis), with the aim to maximize coverage of created test suites. As white-box evaluation metrics, such as code

Challenges in modern software testing

Software testing is an important and critical factor in the whole development process. The challenges in modern software testing are constantly growing.  Trends like agile software practices and DevOPs lead to reduced release cycles. This affects not only digital leaders

Testing as a crucial part of software development
Testing as a crucial part of software development

Testing is an important activity in software development. It aims at finding incorrect implementation of requirements before software is shipped and potentially tremendous results occur. Prominent examples of such errors are the crash of the Ariane 5 skyrocket [1], the

Metamorphic Testing – What matters when defining test cases?

In software testing, test cases are currently defined by specifying expected output for a particular input. If this expected output does not match the actual output of a tested system, a fault is detected. However, this usually requires the tedious

Towards a new generation of test types

Current research shows that the way we think of testing is wrong. Building user interface tests on top of service or integration tests, which are again built on top of unit tests, is proven to be inefficient when being applied

Manager at the Test Center
Test automation specialist have many qualities

The range of tasks of the software tester has expanded considerably. For a long time, testing had been only one of many tasks in software development. Also, the quality of the test personnel was not always as high as during

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