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About us

Our founders have decades of experience advising over four hundred European Enterprises and SMEs in "Software Quality Management".

Having witnessed the challenges that many of them faced, we decided to build a product that would make a significant difference to anyone serious about building high quality applications that retain their high quality long into the future.

"Our mission is to ensure that software applications, built with the right methodologies and tools, are never referred to as Legacy Code. Even 10 years later."

We knew that DevMate needed to be much more than just a tool for engineers to generate unit tests. We felt it was crucial to provide a framework and structure to the entire Product team for delivering quality, not just the engineers.

We are now well on the way to realizing our vision of offering a product that

  • supports a requirements led approach to software development that embraces the whole Product team, not just the developer.
  • doesn't require engineers or engineering teams to change the way they like to work
  • drops straight into their IDE without changing their tooling
  • reduces the amount of time an engineer spends writing tests by as much as 50%
  • above all, genuinely support the pursuit of long term quality, not short term box checking